Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS)


Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) is an initiative to replace aging parking equipment at the City of Durham parking facilities with 21st-century technology. Our new operational upgrades, which will include new pay-on-foot machines, gate arms, payment machines, and camera systems, will:

-Make parking more accessible, cleaner, and safer for visitors, employees, and business customers

-Improve operations and customer service with 24/7, two-way intercom systems that will allow for real-time communication between customers and ParkDurham ambassadors

-Replace signage and improve traffic flow/operation procedures

-New payment kiosks to enhance payment options and reduce fraud

-Improve auditing and credit card security to protect customers

-Resolve issues of lost/misplaced credentials with license plate recognition

Parking Operation-Entrance

Parking Operation-Exit

Pay on Foot