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Monthly Parking Agreement Application

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    1. The agreement regards the privilege of utilizing one (1) parking space in the parking facility. This agreement is effective between the City of Durham and the individual or entity (”Customer”) listed on this application upon submission.

    2. A Monthly parking permit for unreserved spaces does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. Space is available on a first come, first serve available space basis.

    3. The term of this Agreement is to be one month, automatically renewable each month upon the timely receipt by ParkDurham of the prevailing fee. This Agreement may be 1. terminated by 30 days written notice by either party; Customer termination must be complete as outlined in Section 13 below. Customer will be responsible for all rental charges until cancellation date.

    4. Monthly parking permits are billed on the fifth (5th) of each month. Customers have until the 25th of each month to remit payment(s). Payment(s) not received by the last business day of each month will result in the account being terminated. Please refer to the Monthly Parking Permit Billing Schedule.

    5. All checks returned as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Account Closed will be charged twenty-five dollar ($25) fee, per returned item. Park Durham may require any customer who has presented a check which was returned to Park Durham, for any reason, to pay via ACH or credit card at any time.

    6. A $5.00 card set-up fee is charged to the Customer at time of application submission along with first month’s payment and is not refundable. Existing Customers will have the setup fee waived. Parking credential(s) will not be issued prior to the payment of all fees due and the submission of a completed parking agreement.

    7. The City of Durham is not responsible for theft or damage to individuals, vehicles in the garage, or their contents. To reduce the chance of theft or damage, please place your personal items out of sight and lock your car doors. ALL CUSTOMERS PARK AT THEIR OWN RISK AT ALL TIMES.

    8. Parking Credentials/Access Cards are not transferable to another person or company.

    9. The Customer agrees to pay the specified monthly rate for as long as the Customer maintains possession of the parking credential(s).

    10. Park Durham reserves the right to terminate any and all monthly parking privileges immediately without cause or liability.

    11. Parking rates are subject to change at any time by posting of new rates or similar manner. Customers whose account is current are granted the right to park a single vehicle in the specified facility only; vehicle storage is strictly prohibited and subject to parking citations and impounding.

    12. There is a replacement charge of twenty dollars ($20.00) per damaged or lost parking credential.

    13. This monthly charge, regardless of payment method, will be in effect until Park Durham receives from Customer a thirty (30) day advanced written notice, prior to the first of the month. Customer may cancel this agreement by delivering notice to Park Durham either in-person, certified mail or email (, in which case a customer must receive a cancellation number from ParkDurham.

    14. Customer agrees to adhere to all regulations pertaining to the use of the facility. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that Park Durham has the right make changes to the 2. parking areas within the facility, or lot, which may cause the area Customer is accustomed to parking to change. Customer acknowledges they will not receive any refunds due to vacation, absences or any other reason they fail to utilize parking services, per this agreement.
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