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    The City of Durham recognizes the occasional need for vehicles to be allowed to park in on-street parking spaces without regard to the posted time limit when such parking is needed.


    To best accommodate this need, a Temporary On-street Parking Permit program has been implemented. Permits issued do not exempt vehicles from any other posted restrictions or where parking is prohibited either by a red curb or posted parking prohibitions during the hours such prohibitions are in effect. The vehicle must be parked in a space where is it legal to park. The vehicles shall not impede traffic or affect public safety. All permit renewals must be reviewed prior to approval. Please be advised that the issuance of a Temporary On-street Permit is subject to review and is a privilege and not a matter of right.

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  6. Terms and Conditions

    I certify or declare that the above-listed information and attached documents are true and correct. proof of fraudulent application will result in immediate denial and/or revocation of permit(s). I further understand that failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the temporary on-street parking permit will result in my permit being revoked and I may be subject to a citation or tow.

    • Permits are $27.50 per day, per parking space. Lost permits will be replaced at the applicant’s expense.
    • Permits must be properly displayed in the vehicle at all times
    • Permits may be purchased for no more than six (6) months at a time (subject to review)
    • Renewal permits are subject to review prior to issuance
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